Emma Aldridge

My prints explore the tender and mischievous relationship I have with the world I inhabit.

I seek the character in my subjects which are either pulled from reflections on the past or drawn straight from nature. Birds and Industrial revolution landscapes feature frequently. Often as not I choose the discipline of screen printing to portray my affection for my present pre-occupations. With minimal planning and great patience, I build my images with layer after layer of impulsive marks created by cut and torn paper stencils which create in themselves marks and spaces as the ink soaks into the paper. Each layer informs the next layer; my colours are intuitive and soft registration creates sensations of movement and fragility in the story I am telling. I use photo stencils frugally if at all in the build of my images. In group project work I return to other disciplines of printmaking, reaching out to etching and relief printing to illustrate the paths that connect and divide the group. No image is the entirely the same within the short editions I produce; they all have their own character.

Pushing the Boundaries

Printmakers Pushing the Boundaries

Printmakers responding to the Border landscape between Wales and England

Chain Bridge Llangollen ;silk screen 50x60cm
Chirk Canal Tunnel ;silk screen 50x50cm
Aqueduct and Viaduct Chirk; silk screen 50x60cm
Journey through Maize to Oswestry Hill Fort; silk screen 50x50cm
Changing Fortunes Whittington Castle torn windows; relief print 40x50cm
Whittington Changing Fortunes:silk screen and relief print 50×60
Castell Dinas Bran Changing Fortunes:silk screen and relief print 50×60
Caergwrle Castle Changing Fortunes:silk screen and relief print 50×60
Nant -y-Ffrith; etching with chine collee 23x23cm
Chirk; etching 23x23cm
Chester Cathedral; etching 23x23cm
Cup and Saucer pump Erddig; etching with chine collee 23x23cm
Drovers Road at Twilight; etching 23x23cm
Chester Cathedral Window Quilt; relief prints on Mulberry paper with fagoted trim 30x30cm
Chester Cathedral Yellow Quilt; relief prints on Mulberry paper with fagoted trim 60x60cm
Chester Cathedral Buff Quilt; relief prints on Mulberry paper with fagoted trim 50x50cm

The Hartsheath Project

The Hartsheath Project.

The project originated at the Regional Print Centre Symposium in 2017 following and inspired by a presentation from The Common Ground Project of Jason Hicklin, Greg Fuller and Tracy Hill

The project grew from shared conversations with two members about the stories that their walks were uncovering about the area around Pontblyddyn and the Hartsheath estate.

Four more members joined the original two to take a monthly walk together over a year and to originate a printmaking project.

Research was undertaken through literature, the local Records Office, online through the National Library of Wales and collecting personal and verbal histories through conversations with people from the local area. The project team used the research, the time spent walking through the landscape, conversations, field notes and sketches to develop a deeper understanding of it and to inform the artwork.

A group presentation was made on the Hartsheath Project, at the Regional Print Centre’s Symposium in February 2018

The group defined its objectives to be:

  • As a group exploring a defined landscape in order to make individual expressions in print media.
  • The landscape being Pontblyddyn with Hartsheath as its centre.
  • Present an exhibition of work at the Hartsheath Summer Fete and another at Theatre Clwyd in December 2018.

At the summer fete over a hundred people visited the exhibition of the groups work, many of the visitors prompted by the images they saw recollected memories of the estate and local history. The group also demonstrated printmaking and supported members of the public to make prints. 

The project has made active links with the local history group and the community of Pontblyddyn and Pont y bodkin.

The resulting work was curated to sit together in the Theatr Clwyd exhibition which ran through December 2018 and into January 2019

The group also exhibited the framed work at The Hartsheath Summer Fair in 2019

Three of the members have started another walking project with print makers over the border in England and are making work from their walks

Acknowledgments to:

Johanna and Miranda Kaufman of Hartsheath

Jim Creed of the Regional print Centre

The Flintshire Records Office

The National Library of Wales

Jonathan Le Vay

Hartsheath Work

The Frozen Pit
The Ice House

The Coppy
The Septic Tank Cover

Emma Aldridge Printmaker CV

Qube Christmas Arts and Crafts Exhibition 2020
Print International at Ty Pawb2019-20
Qube Christmas Arts and Crafts Exhibition2019
Mostyn Summer Showcase2019
Macclesfield Print Fair2019-2018
20:20 Print Exchange2019-2015
Wrexham Open2019-2017
Shropshire Open2019/2016/2014
Mostyn Print Fair2019/2018
Hartsheath Group Exhibition at Theatr Clwyd2019-2018
N Wales Open at Theatr Clwyd2019-2016
Qube Open: Migration : Inclusion2019/2016
Tabernacle Art Competition Moma2019-2017
Hartsheath Group Exhibition at Hartsheath2018
Mostyn Winter Showcase2018
Chester Art Fair 2018
Hepworth Print Fair2018
Grosvenor Art Exhibition2017
Helfa Gelf Theatr Clwyd2016
A for Aber2016
Ellesmere Port: Paper boat Gallery2015